Neatniks Cleaning
Neatniks Cleaning

  • Residential Cleaning on a Weekly, Bi–Weekly, or Monthly Basis

    Coming home to a clean house feels great. Not cleaning on your weekends feels even better. Neatniks offers you a professional cleaning job and dependable service that you can rely on. 

    Move–Ins and Move–Outs

    Moving into or out of a home or apartment can be exhausting. A Neatniks MoveIn Clean eases the transition by allowing you to unpack your belongings directly into clean cupboards, drawers, shelves, and appliances.

    A Neatniks MoveOut Clean takes care of the details that property managers, homeowners and landlords require when you are moving out of an apartment, house or townhouse.  

    Special Event and One–Time Deep Cleaning

    Neatniks makes your house look radiant before the big event. Maybe it's an upcoming anniversary, a dinner party, an open house, a holiday event, or just a special guest coming to visit. Whatever the occasion, we help take the stress out of getting your house ready for the big day.   

    Post–Construction Cleaning

    Neatniks will come in and mitigate the dust and debris left over from construction so your new or remodeled home looks the way you envisioned your dream home to be. 

    Cabin and Vacation Rental Cleaning

    Neatniks cleans up after guests have left to ensure the next guests will arrive to find a clean and comfortable rental property. We give the property our regular top to bottom cleaning, and can also focus on details like washing and replacing bedding and towels, resetting the thermostat, and making sure that the key is where it needs to be. 

    Realtor and House Listing Cleaning

    Neatniks can help leave a lasting impression on buyers by presenting them with a spotlessly cleaned home. Let us help take some of the worry out of selling your home by keeping it “tuned up” for showings. 

    Office Cleaning

     While residential cleaning is a large portion of our business, we also have commercial clients. Contact us to arrange an inoffice bid.